738 slips from 28' to 100'

The marina is one of the largest in the San Francisco Bay and is the largest privately owned marina in the Bay. Docking at the marina is easy thanks to the favorable tides and winds.

Dock Features

Gate 8 Pumpout

  • Concrete docks - stable, clean, and safe
  • Water - fresh water is plumbed to all marina docks
  • Electricity - 30 and 50 amp power is available at most docks
  • Cable - local cable providers can be scheduled to install cable at the docks
  • Phone - land line service is available
  • Pumpout station
Shoreside Facilities
  • Restrooms - Private, key controlled restrooms with showers 
  • Laundry - Laundry facilities are located at Gates 8 & 11
  • Ice Machines - Ice is free to berthers and ice machines are located at Gates 8, 9, and 11.

The marina is in a safe, secure environment.  All gates are controlled via electronic gates.  These gates allow the staff to monitor traffic coming into and out of the marina at all times.

Little to No Surge

Marina Village Yacht Harbor is situated on the northeastern shore of the island which protects the marina from surge. It's sheltered location provides a calm, relaxing environment while docked at the marina and reduces the wear and tear on the vessels.

Free Parking

There is ample parking available at the various gates of the marina.  No permits are required to park at the marina.  Security personnel patrol the parking areas 24/7.

Local Resources
  • Waterfront Deli
  • Yacht Clubs - Encinal Yacht Club and Oakland Yacht Club located next to Gate 8
  • Yacht Brokers on site
  • Grocery store and other retail services within walking distance
  • Marine and boating suppliers and services nearby
Public Transportation
  • Free shuttle services:

          a)      Alameda Landing Development Shuttle:  click link for schedule and stop location.


          b)      Marina Village Office Park Shuttle:  click link for schedule and stop location. 


          Ferry Service: Alameda Ferry is less than 10 minutes away from Marina Village.

Free WiFi

Beacon Wifi Welcome to the Beacon NextGen Wireless system, which allows you to easily and securely register each of your devices for use. 
The first time each device is connected to the network, a registration page will load, either after a browser is launched or automatically, depending on your device settings.  A 10 digit Voucher will be requested and once successfully entered, that device will be registered. Your device will automatically be connected each time afterwards, with no login/registration page.  Security and authentication will verify your device each time, but this happens in the background requiring no interaction from the user.  Each 10 digit Voucher allows use for a specified period of time and after that time has expired a new 10 digit Voucher will be required.

Getting Started:

1) Obtain a 10 Digit Voucher from the marina office
2) Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the Beacon wireless signal at your location
3) If you have the “auto login” setting selected on your device, a login/registration page will load.  If you do not have the “auto login” setting selected, launch any browser and a login/registration page will load.  Depending on your device (phone, tablet, laptop) a custom-sized page will load.
4) Where it asks “have a Voucher?” select the corresponding tab and enter your 10 digit Voucher, with or without a dash in the middle and select “use Voucher”
5) Once you are redirected to the Internet your device is registered and ready for use!
6) If you have technical issues regarding the network please call 888.852.0611.  The support staff is available Mon-Fri, 9:00am-10:00pm and Sat-Sun, 9:00 am-6:00 pm est.
7) Please email us with any questions at: support@beaconwifi.com

Quick Tips:

• If a connection is not being established, it always helps to turn the Wi-Fi off and then on.
• If you have a mobile device, it likes to load the login/registration page for you so allow a couple of seconds for it to operate the process.  Make sure your “Auto Login” settings are turned on.
• Establishing a wireless connection while in the cabin of your boat with a mobile device may be difficult.  Mobile devices have about 30% of the wireless performance of laptops, due to lower-powered Wi-Fi modems and smaller antennae.  Mobile device have a more difficult time returning the signal back to the antenna, lowering the link quality.  SMART TVs in the cabin of your boat have a less than 25% chance of a solid connection.
• Your location has a bandwidth maximum per device to increase the amount of connections while sharing the incoming broadband.  This is not a guaranteed speed, but a maximum speed if the bandwidth is available
• If you are utilizing a Microsoft operating system no longer supported by Microsoft (Windows 95, XP or Vista) you may have to download Firefox or Chrome as a browser in order to register.


Two Steps To Connect to Beacon WiFi

Step#1: This is a sample image of a login/registration page that will load once your device is connected to the Beacon signal at Marina Village

Step#2: This is an image showing where you will enter your 10 digit Voucher, obtained at the marina office.  You can enter it with or without the “-“.