Marina Village Yacht Harbor is committed to helping preserve and protect our marine environment. Marina strongly encourages boaters to use environmentally sound products and practices while maintaining their vessels, and to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible.


Pets are permitted only if they do not create any disturbance or nuisance. All pets MUST be kept on a leash. Pet owners are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their pets. Marina reserves the right to bar any pet from the Marina. No pets are allowed in the restrooms or showers.

Waste Disposal and Recycling

Containers at the Marina are intended for waste, recyclables, and compost generated at Marina Village Yacht Harbor only.  Boat Owners are required to separate waste, recyclables and compost and place materials into the correct containers.  No appliances, furniture, electronics, TV’s, computers, construction debris, hazardous material, batteries, tires or other such waste shall be deposited in or around the containers.  No material shall be left on the ground in or around the container enclosures.  Boat Owners are required to lock/secure the gates, as applicable, after each use.  Any violation of the above policy is subject to penalties ranging from $100.00 to $1,000.00 per occurrence, and could result in termination of Boat Owner’s Berth License Agreement.

Sanitary Discharge of Refuse, Sewage, or Waste Matter in Marina Village Yacht Harbor

No person shall discharge any refuse or waste matter of any description into the waters of the Oakland-Alameda Inner Harbor (Estuary).  Apart from potable water, no person shall discharge material of any kind on the waters, banks, walls, sidewalks, piers, floats or shores within the marina, nor on adjacent properties. The Marina may remove refuse or waste matter at its discretion.  The party responsible shall pay the expense of removing such materials.  Any such dumping shall be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Storage and Handling of Gasoline, Petroleum Products, Explosive or Hazardous Materials

No person shall handle, keep, use or sell gasoline, any liquid petroleum products, antifreeze/radiator coolant or any other explosive or hazardous materials (other than lubricating oils) except at such places as may be designated by Marina, with the approval of the Alameda Fire Department, and in accordance with Federal, State and local laws. Used lubricating oils, filters, absorbents and oily rags shall be disposed of off premises, or in a manner otherwise prescribed by the Marina. Personal fueling of boats (carrying fuel in gas cans, etc.) is not allowed within the Marina. Storage of gasoline, fuel, or other combustibles on the docks is strictly forbidden.


Any boat in a Marina berth, if equipped with a marina toilet (head), shall contain a holding tank, incinerator recirculation device, or other equivalent device approved by or on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Coast Guard, capable of receiving and retaining sewage for the boat’s head and precluding discharge of sewage or chemicals into the waters of the marina or bay, or  have the marina toilet rendered inoperable while any such boat is moored in the Marina. The Marina reserves the right to require that dye tablets be inserted into holding tanks.

Sewage Facilities

Boat operators shall use the pump out facility that is installed for the pumping out of boat holding tanks and the disposal of sewage from portable toilets into shore side sewers or use an approved mobile pump out service. Boat operators shall not dispose of sewage from portable toilets in the public or private restroom facilities.

Bilge Water and Oily Wastes

Depositing any bilge water or other oily wastes in the marina basin or Bay is strictly prohibited and is cause for immediate termination of the Berth License Agreement.  Boat operators are responsible for inspecting the condition of bilges prior to activating pumps.  Used absorbent pads and other materials must be properly disposed of and cannot be placed in the trash.

Oil Spills

Each person shall immediately notify the U.S. Coast Guard and the Marina in the event any oil, fuel or other petroleum product enters the waters of Marina Village Yacht Harbor or the Oakland-Alameda Inner Harbor (Estuary).  The use of detergents and/or emulsifiers in connection with such discharge is strictly forbidden.

Good Order

Boat Owner shall maintain the berth and boat in a neat, clean, orderly and operational condition. When this fails to occur and/or Marina considers there to be a risk of sinking, fire or other hazard, the Marina may, in its sole discretion, give the boat owner 3 days notice in writing in which to correct the problem(s) it may immediately terminate the Berth License Agreement. The Marina reserves the right to perform periodic vessel inspections to examine the condition of any vessel. Boat Owner agrees to have a working automatic bilge pump on the Boat at all times.

Storage of Dinghies, Bikes, Skiffs, Motors, Plants, Pots and Gear

No person shall stow or maintain any materials, equipment, or other personal property on any portion of the piers, pilings, fingers, docks, walkways, parking areas or water ways. Storage of such items must be confined to the dock box (if any) or the boat walkways shall be kept clear at all times. Only dock boxes and dock steps, as approved by Marina in advance, are allowed on the docks. The Marina may, without liability, remove items left on the dock at its discretion. The party responsible for such items shall pay the expense of removing and disposing or storing such items. Boat Owner shall not alter the Berth, dock area or utility services.


Any steps must be one half or less the width of the dock finger; not more than three and a half (3 ½) feet long; and not exceed five and a half (5 ½) feet high.  The steps must be one unit, not enclose any storage area, and not exceed 75 pounds. Construction should be in wood or fiberglass only and neat in appearance. Steps cannot be used for storage.


No person shall obstruct the free access to and departure from any landing, pier, berth, float, launch ramp or other facility.  Any submerged equipment or vessels which are hazardous to navigation within the harbor may be removed by the Marina at Boat Owner’s expense.


Keys to the docks, restrooms, laundry and other Marina Village Yacht Harbor facilities are for the sole use of Boat Owners and their families and may not be given or lent to others.  Any contractors needing access to the dock to work on Boat Owner’s boat need to come to the Harbor Office for a Day Key.

Dock Carts

Dock Carts are for the use of all Boat Owners.  Boat Owner is required to return carts to the designated storage spaces at the head of the dock.  Boat Owners are prohibited from keeping carts on the fingers, main walkways or at their slip.


Boat Owner shall not create or permit unnecessary noise, including loud talking and the playing of musical instruments, from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Discretion in operating engines, generating plants, radios, television, other sound producing devices and other power equipment should be used so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance.

Swimming and Fishing

Swimming, diving and fishing are not permitted from the docks, finger piers or any portion of the Marina. This Rule shall not prevent a Boat Owner or his/her authorized representative, at their own risk, from performing underwater maintenance on his/her vessel within his/her berth.


There shall be no laundering or drying of wearing apparel or towels other than in the interior of vessel.  Drying of clothes or other items on deck or in a vessel’s rigging is prohibited.

Speed Limit

The speed limit within the Marina is steerage only, with no wakes and not greater than 5 miles per hour.

Mooring Lines

Boat Owners shall provide and maintain appropriate sized mooring lines in good working order and condition and will be responsible for tying up their boat so as not to damage other boats or property including the dock. Every vessel shall be safely and properly secured in its mooring with head and stern lines from bows and quarters. No person shall tie up a vessel to any other vessel, finger float, walkway, pier or other dock other than in his/her own berth without prior consent of the Marina and other vessel owner, if applicable.

Unauthorized Vehicles

No person shall operate bicycles, motor vehicles, skateboards, roller skates, scooters or similar devices on any dock or walkway.


Boat Owner shall be responsible for the conduct and control of all guests, agents, invitees or others invited to Marina Village Yacht Harbor. Conduct by Boat Owner or his/her guests, invitees or agents that might disturb or cause harm to any person, damage property, be a nuisance or harm the reputation of Marina Village Yacht Harbor shall be cause for immediate termination the Berth License Agreement. Children under 12 years of age are not permitted on the docks without a parent or responsible adult in attendance. It is recommended that non-swimmers and young children wear life jackets when on docks or boats.

Commercial Activity, Marine Events

No commercial activity shall be conducted at the Marina without the prior written approval of the Marina. No person shall conduct any marine event on or upon the waters of the marina without first obtaining all necessary permits from the City of Alameda and obtaining the prior written permission of Marina.

Soliciting and Advertising

No person shall solicit or sell any goods, erect signs, posters or other advertising media within the marina or any vessel without first obtaining Marina’s consent.

Alterations and Additions

Boat Owner shall not make any changes, alterations or additions to any portion of the marina improvements without first obtaining the prior written consent of Marina.


Water spigots are for the common use to fill the vessels’ drinking water tanks and for vessel wash down.  Boat Owners must use a control nozzle on hoses in conformance with California law to avoid wasting water. A direct connection between the Marina’s water spigot and a vessel water system is not allowed. Boat Owner shall comply with any governmentally regulated water conservation regulations. Marina encourages the use of saltwater pumps and/or light power washers, when applicable.


Boat Owner shall not use in any wasteful or unreasonable or hazardous manner any of the utilities furnished by Marina.


All connections made to the Marina receptacle must be U.L. approved marine-type. Wiring must be of adequate size for the power provided. This determination is the Boat Owner’s sole responsibility and duty and the Boat Owner assumes all risks therefor. Cords are not allowed to cross over the top of walkways without covers approved by the Marina. No alterations or modifications to any electrical outlet used for servicing a boat with shore power shall be made. Plugs must match the receptacle used. The use of adaptors to connect standard, household type extension cords to the Boat are not permitted. Marina reserves the right to refuse connection if utility services to any electrical wiring/connections is deemed inadequate or unsafe.

Boat Lifts, Floats, Boat Baths

Boat lifts and floats (such as Hydrohoists, floating pontoons, etc.) are only permitted with the written permission of the Marina Office. Boat baths and similar such devised that require chemical additive to control marine growth are not permitted in the Marina. The Boat Owner is responsible for the complete removal of any such devices when vacating the Berth and will be liable for any damage the installation of such devised might cause. Failure to satisfactorily remove such equipment or devices will result in a loss of Security Deposit under Berth License Agreement.

Maintenance of Boat in Berth

No person shall make major repairs or engage in other than minor maintenance of boats. Examples of major repairs, which are prohibited in Marina Village Yacht Harbor, are as follows: spray painting and sand blasting; construction on a boat resulting in debris which creates a nuisance to other persons; any construction activity on floats, piers or walkways; power grinding and sanding, and any activity that might result in particulate or other water contamination, unless the prior written consent is obtained from the Marina.  Marina strongly recommends the use of environmentally safe cleaning and paint products and practices.  Open containers of paints, varnishes, cleaning products or other chemicals are not allowed on the docks.  If such material is in use, a small open container may be permitted topside on the boat, as long as there is adequate protection from any drips, leaks or spills from reaching the dock or water.  All paint, varnish, epoxy, and other products must be mixed over a tarp or a drip pan.  Any sanding or scraping must be accomplished in a manner preventing the dust or debris from entering the water.  The use of vacuums and filter attachments for power tools is mandatory. Boat owners are liable for any damage to Marina property which occurs as a result of such repairs and/or maintenance. At the end of the day, all tools, lumber, supplies, etc., shall be neatly stored upon the vessel. Work items and debris shall not be left on docks or finger piers. The Boat Owner shall remove the Marina property any debris that results from repairs, in compliance with all applicable laws.

Use of Contractors

Contractors working on vessels must be registered with the Marina and provide proof of current liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance prior to commencement of work. Boat Owners are responsible for ensuring that any contractors or other persons performing work on their vessel adhere to these Rules, any applicable Best Management Practices for their trade and wherever practicable, use environmentally safe cleaners and paints and properly dispose of all waste materials.

Underwater Hull Cleaning

All vessels shall have legal bottom paint or other coatings.  Boat Owners are encouraged to regularly use environmentally friendly hull cleaning companies, to monitor their divers, and to encourage their divers to use the least abrasive pads possible and to use other Best Management Practices.


If Marina deems it necessary to rescue the vessel for any reason, Boat Owner agrees to pay a reasonable service charge for doing so plus the cost of all materials and services used. Marina assumes no responsibility for the safety of any vessel and shall not be liable for fire, theft Acts of God or damage to the vessel, its equipment, or any other property in or on the vessel by reason of Marina’s exercise or failure to exercise its right to rescue the vessel.

Live Aboard

In addition to any other requirements as set forth by the Marina, Boat Owners that apply for live aboard status within the Marina are limited to two (2) persons per Boat, with a minimum Boat size of 36’ and such Boat must include a holding tank for waste.

Interpretation of Berth License Rules

The Marina is empowered to interpret these Rules. If any doubt arises to an activity which may be precluded by these Rules or the Berth License Agreement, interpretation should be requested prior to undertaking such activity.